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The sun sets on Coronation Hall

Coronation Hall in Chruch Field

After some 64 years serving the needs of the village of Monks Eleigh, the doors have finally closed for the last time on Coronation Hall. We say a fond farewell to a trusty old friend.

At 5 o'clock , Tuesday 7th August 2017, the exchange of contracts and completion of the sale of the hall site has finally happened after many years hard work by the committee and Trustees of the Coronation Hall Trust.

The sale of the hall means that the site can now begin its redevelopment and transformation, but also means that the new village hall replacement can be built on the recreation ground.

During the coming months, the old hall will be dismantled and the grounds prepared for the construction of 4 new homes on the site. This will be a sad day for those who remember the hall being built over half a century ago, yet there is now a growing excitement as the new hall gradually takes shape on the recreation ground.

Work on the new village hall will begin soon, and it is hoped that there will be significant progress on the build by the end of the year, with completion likely into 2018.

The Coronation Hall Trust would like to thank all those who have worked tirelessly in the past and present committees, for their help and support over the life of this scheme. Thanks also go to all the residents and helpers who have given up their time to facilitate a myriad of fundraising events, and help to make the new hall a reality.

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