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Table and Chair Inventory



There are six round tables seating up to 10 persons loaded on a special trolley for easy deployment.  These are located in Store Room 1, nearest to the kitchen.  In this store room are a further 14 rectangular tables on a special trolley for easy deployment.  These tables have a tool to enable simple and easy folding down.

The dimensions are as follows:

  • Round - 152cm diameter and 71cm high

  • Rectangular - 182.5cm long, 68.5cm wide and 70cm high 



There are 150 chairs, with fabric seats and backs, located in Store Room 2, nearest to the window end of the main hall.  Some of these chairs may already be distributed around the Main Hall or in the Meeting Room.  These can be stacked up to eight high and manoeuvred around the hall by two specially design trollies.  Ensure the chairs are not resting on the rear wall of the store when placed in the store room or onto the stack of chairs in front.  All four feet should be on the floor to prevent the potential for the stack to fall over!


NOTE:  Keys for the two Store Rooms are located in the Key Box in the Disabled Toilet.

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